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:zz: Re: zigzag drive

Hi Peter--

I can't tell if you're on the ZigZag list still,
 so I'll answer.

To the best of my knowledge, you **could**
 mount the other partitions under Linux,
 and do as you liked with them, but that would
 have to be done explicitly (though it could be
 in a mischievous config file).

If you're in control of your own machine,
 it should be okay, right, Andrew?


At 08:20 PM 7/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I'm thinking I will partition a unix drive on my laptop, "Gatemo", the
>10-lb. PC, and I have about half a gig I can free up. It's FAT-32, and
>would appear to this machine as a c:\ drive, or not at all, depending on my
>bootup selection in System Commander.
>Running OS this way, a problem is that the other drives, while they
>maintain the same drive letters, are of course full of Windows (read DOS 8x
>or so) file format. So, if Unix or Linux or whatever it is can read the
>directories, can I get into them and screw them up while running the Unix
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