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RE: your question about schedule data


In the current version we do not have any demonstration data.
 We hope to add some in about two versions from now,
 but that could be several weeks.

However, such data may be quite easily created and used.  

There are illustrations of the schedule data in my article,
 "From the Top of my Head."  We left a copy with Dr. Satoh,
 I believe, for distribution to the group.  However, you can
 also download it at

In that article, the screen pictures of ZigZag repeat the 
 schedule demo I showed, beginning with the 4th
 ZigZag picture.  
Note that this is not an "application," but simply a use
 of the cell connections in dimensions 1 and 2 to represent
 significant relations in the schedule.  
You will note that--
 - the schedule begins as two columns in d.2: date and weekday
 - each day's entry is connected in d.1 to the weekday name
 - when the user steps sideways in d.1 to the weekday name,
   the events of the day are connected downward from it in d.2
 - stepping rightward to the event in d.1 opens more details in d.2
 - contact data for a name is connected in d.contact-info
 - expenses are connected with an event in d.money

I hope you will take an interest in trying this.

Detailed instructions for the use of this ZigZag prototype
 were given to Dr. Satoh, but you may also find them at

For that you would probably want to get a fully-installed
 ZigZag on a Unix or Linux system so you can keep the data
 you create.  Installation instructions are at 

Please let us know if you have any more questions.
 We are very eager to have people like you try out our new system.

Best wishes, Ted Nelson

At 07:37 PM 7/1/98 +0900, you wrote:
>For some reason I did not receive your first email.
>What was the first question?
>This is Masaru MIYAMOTO at NTT Human Interface Labs. My  first question is
as follows.
>1)	How to show Schedule data?
>In the documentation, ZIGZAG handles Schedule data. But when I boot
floppy, there is no Schedule data.
>Please don't harry to answer my question. Thank you.
>Advanced Video Processing Lab. NTT Human Interface Labs. 

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