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Re: [zigzag] :zz,zip: First ZigZag article, for your enjoyment


>> My talk at the first Wearable computer conference <<

Believe it or not, I think I recall seeing some of those drawings when they
were new. Probably when you came through toting a box of Computer Lib, or
something. I read through the book from both covers, it was passed around
the family and is probably on a shelf at Mom's, all tattered and dog-eared.
Unless Bill has stolen it. Well, expropriated it. (rise up, urban
proletariat...dum dum dum...")

You know, I think I remember the words to most of Hamburg '57, come to
think of it...

The screen shots of Zigzag are most helpful.

I went to see my web server's new parking lot today. A building with a sort
of blue glow around it, and a subliminal hum, where the elevators don't
work quite right, and everybody you meet in the hallways is clearly a
TechnoGeek on a 27 hr sleep cycle (like me). My little server is going to
be very happy there. I will have 32 "IPs" connected to a 10MB line,
whatever that means. Many GB of drives. The system is all Unix/linux, but
my server so far has to be Windows, later NT (cause my software is all
Windows). If there's anything you want to do with such an animal, let me