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Re: Oops, we DID give Laurie a Happydoodle account, neh?


>> Question: Would it be possible to receive this list just once a day in
digest mode like other lists? (Would make my "in box" considerably less
chaotic without my having to drop out altogether.) <<

Ok, ok. Ever since I showed up, people have been complaining.

Maybe I don't understand the ettiquette of the serious people out there. My
email arrives through an "offline reader" that goes and fetches it from
various Compuserve Forums and my regular email account, and delivers it
when I hit the button. The rest of the time I am blissfully unaware of the
piling up of vital information. It's organized into threads and so on.

This board sends me a copy of my own messages every time, so whenever I log
in, I have "waiting mail", from me to me. A new twist as far as I'm

Am I just too profligate with my verbosities, or what? I can't help it.
It's me scumbagulous nature.