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Re: list posts rec'd all at once

On Tue, Jun 23, 1998 at 03:17:42AM -0400, Laurie Spiegel wrote:
> For those familiar with Mac, Apple's OpenDoc and Cyberdog may furnish
> examples of related thinking, and for others more familiar with music
> technology, the modular analog synthesis architectures of the 1960s versus
> the complex "Sequencer" "applications" of today could illustrate the point.

Excellent examples.  You're clearly a generalist after my own heart.

> (Does any one else remember "Ocham" - Oxford Univ's elegantly simple language
> for distributed transputer networks a couple decades back?)

Yes indeed!  Well pointed out.

> Are unified field theories of software design realistic goals, or just
> Quixoticisms we share with each other?


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