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fwd: Goove Central: we bring 'em together

At 09:49 AM 6/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>> Are unified field theories of software design realistic goals, or just
>Quixoticisms we share with each other? <<
>I think I'm in love.
>I hope to retain this charming freshness, which is actually that of a
>novice with an education resembling a swiss cheese (big holes in it), who
>is usually strapped to a computer running Windows and programming in some
>sort of BASIC derivitive.
>My ideas are the sparks that are struck off during the impact of my
>software products against my userbase. A 19th century mind colliding with
>the barely literate mall-rats of the 20th, on the deck of a ship built and
>since abandoned by one Willy Gates...
>Then along comes Ted Nelson again, who introduced me to the banjo in about
>1958. I have yet to recover, and now this.
>Uh, how does one pronounce "Quixoticisms"
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