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fwd: Laurie Spiegel's summary of ZigZag

"The purpose of our new software:

ZigZag shares with the purpose of the
 original ZigZag rolling paper the intention of
 facilitating Mind Altering Experience.

Also both are, in their respective ways, wrappers,
 the earlier paper version for (your choice of)
 smokable substances, and ours for (your
 choice of) information and/or ideas.

The difference between these ZigZags is
 that while the earlier version, most widely utilized
 during the mind-bent 1960s, acted by chemical
 pathways, our newer ZigZag is able to achieve
 perhaps equally mind-blowing effects simply by 
 opening your mind to new ways of connecting
 what comes out of it into your computer.

Theodor Holm Nelson, Visiting Professor of Environmental Information
 Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Fujisawa, Japan
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