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Re: A possible application of Xanalogical technology

On Thu, Jan 16, 2003 at 12:52:31PM -0800, Don Dwiggins wrote:
> Mitch Kapor, of Lotus Agenda fame, has started a new project to create
> an open source information manager (code named Chandler), both for
> personal and group data.  The project's web site is osafoundation.org.
> One aspect of all this is a good document storage and management system.
> I've proposed (on the design mailing list) that they look into Nelson's
> ideas, but there was no reply, so I don't know if my suggestions took.

Ted, Marlene and I met with Mitch and presented some of Ted's ideas
a couple of years ago, so I know he is not completely unaware of the
concepts.  :)  I certainly hope they are able to use some Xanalogical
ideas in their designs.

Thanks for the update!

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