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A possible application of Xanalogical technology

Mitch Kapor, of Lotus Agenda fame, has started a new project to create an
open source information manager (code named Chandler), both for personal and
group data.  The project's web site is osafoundation.org.  One aspect of all
this is a good document storage and management system.  I've proposed (on
the design mailing list) that they look into Nelson's ideas, but there was
no reply, so I don't know if my suggestions took.

I'm posting here in case someone from this community might want to join the
developer's list for Chandler and (re)present the "Xanadu point of view".

Best regards from a perpetual Xanadu dilettante,

Don Dwiggins
"I always know a good idea when I hear it, because of the feeling of terror
that siezes me."
  Ben Rick, CEO Lockhead