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Query regarding Transcopyright example and issues rgarding Micropayments

Greetings Professor Nelson and Colleagues,
I direct your attention to the following page:
In the process of generating useful content on the web I have come across two problems.
The first is that while in August there was a useful example of a Trancopyright picture of Ted Nelson available at
http://web.sfc.keio.ac.jp   which I was able to link to my site, and provide a transcopyright notice, this no longer seems to exist.   I am keen to get similar image and transcopyright links if they are still available - as I think it is an important thing to have on the credit page of the site I have designed.
The second problem is with suppliers of copyright material - I am fully in favour of micropayments.
However, potential content suppliers do not "get" the concept of web publishing - two glaring examples are Associated Press, who wanted to charge upwards of $300 USD for a single AP photo (too costly if you want to do montages of AP photos - imagine trying to pay for a page with tens of thousands of dollars worth of AP photos on it), and telelvision stations who wanted to charge $3000 NZD a month to put up a small .MPG of one of their news articles.
In both cases they are hidebound and thinking of their traditional media - $3000 is not an unreasonable amount to charge for TV broadcasts, with their high overheads and astronomical advertising income.  Likewise, $300 is not too much to pay for an AP photo to publish in a book.  But both are wildly too high when you are considering of putting them in an assemblage on a website, that perhaps 1000 people will visit in its entire lifespan.  With unrealistic charges such as these, we cannot possible afford to add content to the web, and the web will be so much the poorer for it.
Your thoughts?
Kind Regards,
Christopher Harrod MSc (Hons)