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Abora hypertext system

Abora is a prototype implementation of a hypertext system inspired
by Ted Nelsons Xanadu and in particular the Udanax-Gold implementation
by XOC that was released as open source in 1999.


The code is written from scratch in Dolphin Smalltalk.

A Windows only executable demo is available from my website, together
with screenshots and the source code. Everything is released under an
X11 license.

The project is still a long way from a 1.0 release, but there should
be enough to hint at some of the capabilities of a Xanadu-like system.

One major warning, the file format used to save data will not be
readable by future versions of the app. Reasonable persistence is
obviously one of my critical goals.

The current work has been accomplished so far during my just finished
holidays. From now on I will be relegated to evening and week-end
efforts. My short term focus is on a release suitable for a single
end-user that will provide a solid day-to-day hypertext system. No
estimates on completion date.

I'm open to any questions or comments on the current implementation
and thoughts and assistance in moving forward with it.

David G Jones               mailto:david_jones@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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