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Re: The Pleasure of Xanadu

 Yes, a true need for Xanadu
> The unique thing about Phish is that they allow taping of their
>shows as long as fans distribute them for free.  With recent devices such as
>portable super hi fidelity DAT  recorders, CD burners and MP3 creating album
>quality CD's and downloadable music  with  simple home set-ups which are
>easy to sell the taping etiquette which has been established for ten years
>has  become sorely strained .  Especially in the case of MP3.
 I was talking with a friend (Kent) last night who's just gotten online and
after a few hours found several people selling collections of MP3 sound
tracks of old TV shows.
 He got upset, He's the person who published them...

 He spent 12 months of his life gaining the copyright permissions, saving
disintegrating masters and spending months and many tens of thousands
personally digitaly cleaning the tracks while others had to be remastered. 
 What's happened is that some 'fans' have decided that it's only a few fans
who are making these illegal copies. Of course, which market did they think
these sound tracks where recovered and worked on for?
 Kent has already made it quite clear that he for one will never do another
alubam for fans, not when they then steal his & the performers works.

 So the sad truth is that the HTTP system is already stealing many author
rights, and that there's real need for a system that would give easy access
to things while still protecting those author rights.

 Ted correctly identified these issues & needs in the 1960's.

>IF the music could be distributed fairly via Xanadu for artists and fans.
>That would be AWESOME !!!! YAY !!!!
>Xanadu is my hope, my dream job, and could usher in a golden age of free
>speech and creative potential.
 Agree, Especially about the creative potential :)

 Andrew Johnson
 IP Manager
 AusWorld Network Services