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Re: The Pleasure of Xanadu

In a message dated 99-02-11 20:08:00 EST, muse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<<  Programmers can afford to give programs away because with
 only a few contracts, they can potentially make enough to live comfortably
 throughout the year. Creators within artistic disciplines have not
 made much money for their endeavours. Most of the money has gone to the
 publishers and distributors. What Nelson has proposed is a system whereby
 creators can become their own publishers and distributors, _and get paid for
 it_! >>

WOW !! I have been on this list for several years and I have never posted.
The idea of automatic royalties was the reason I originally suscribed.  Now
that the concept of E-commerce is starting to take hold, The idea of  the free
distribution of creative material which automatically collects a mere
bagatelle in exchange for a hit solves most copywrite problems.  The idea that
"programmers" wouldn't benefit from this is ludicrous.  What about future
versions of something along the lines of that embattled clunker Java.

I am active in the Phish community (a rock and roll band y'all probably never
heard of)  The unique thing about Phish is that they allow taping of their
shows as long as fans distribute them for free.  With recent devices such as
portable super hi fidelity DAT  recorders, CD burners and MP3 creating album
quality CD's and downloadable music  with  simple home set-ups which are easy
to sell the taping etiquette which has been established for ten years has
become sorely strained.  Especially in the case of MP3.  IF the music could be
distributed fairly via Xanadu for artists and fans.  That would be AWESOME
!!!! YAY !!!!

Xanadu is my hope, my dream job, and could usher in a golden age of free
speech and creative potential.  Dude if you have a problem with that all I can
say is WHAT-EVER !!  

Philip Garzieri Loucony
Senior Consultant Computron Software

I am also "Flier-King" of the Phunky Bitches.  We provide free medical and
sanitary supplies to concert-goers at Phish and other rock festivals and
provide fliers with information about medical care, abuse hotlines, lawyers,
planned parenthood, taxis and animal hospitals in the vicinity of the concert.
We also provide safe rides for abuse victims. Look us up at: