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Re: Building Xanadu.....

Hi ya,

Just curious, but what kind of platform does this system you've built run on?  It sounds very interesting!  

I'm also wondering, if there is a manual way to copy files/documents on this platform, what happens to the links when a document is copied (or moved) to another location.  Basically I'm asking, are the links relative or absolute... ie. does the operating system support the maintaining of links when a document is moved to another location?


>>> Art Pollard <pollarda@xxxxxxxxxx> 10/27 10:57 PM >>>
I have developed over the last several years the backend of what could
become Xanadu someday.  (Or, a system which is comparable to Xanadu in

The back end engine is capable of providing for the management of Xanadu
like documents.  Some of the attributes of documents which use the engine
which I have developed as a backend are as follows:

1) Documents are stored compressed in approximately 1/2 of their original 
2) The document file contains:
	1) The text of the document
	2) An inverted index for the document
	3) Any addition meta information such as images, audio, etc.
	4) Misc. Info for manageing the above.
3) The documents are searchable either with boolean or ranked queries.
4) Links are autonomous and have attributes such as author, creation date,
5) The documents are capable of being anywhere from several K in size to
   multiple GB in size.
6) Documents are dynamic and may be edited either with an editor or
   remotely via a network.
7) Links remain intact even after a document has been edited.
8) Security features such as user groups and/or encryption may be used
   to help ensure that only someone who has permission to view a document 
   or portion thereof may.

I know that a lot of people on this list would love to bring Xanadu to
pass.  (I know I sure would.)  I would like to try to find one or more
people who would be interested in helping financially or otherwise to
finish this project up and bring it to a point where it may be released.

If you or someone you know would be interested, I would greatly appreciate
hearing from you.

Thank you,


Art Pollard <PollardA@xxxxxxxxxx>
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