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Re: Observation

Wayne Gramlich wrote:
> I have a hypothesis, call it Wayne's hypothesis, and the
> hypothesis is -- annotation based debating systems will not
> surplant mail/newsgroup debating until annotation based
> debating systems aquire the import features employed in
> mail/newsgroup debates.  You'll note that I use the term
> "important features" without defining what they are.  :-)

And in fact I believe it is important to continue to support mail and news as
an integrated part of such a system, at least for the present.  (The more
protocols the better - heck, why not support finger, FTP, gopher and WAIS too).

There has been a little work on integrating email with Hyperwave, including my
"hwinsmail" tool (see http://www.xanadu.net/hwmail/ for an example of the
results), and Sam Epstein's WOO integrates gopher and finger.  I have also
written an HTML to setext filter which I intend to use to add gopher and finger
support at some stage.  It is also possible, although I haven't tested this,
that Microcosm will support Windows email clients and maybe even newsreaders.

Email archiving, searching and annotation is **definitely** one of the
areas Xanadu - and I personally - have long wanted to address.

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