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"Re: How far to go with version management ?!?

Hi Peter--

1) I believe version management between users is a very
 straightforward issue.

Anyone making a change is making a branch in the version tree.
 (see illustration at end of my OSMIC paper, earlier version
 stored at xanadu.net-- I need to rewrite the one at Keio to include it).

That means there is never any conflict.

To MERGE people's changes is an editorial issue.

There is no determinate algorithm for it.  Someone has to do it
 by hand.

Substituting for this by some lockout method (the popular way)
 is a broken approach.

(I have been told by people involved with Lotus Notes development
 that this is much less of a problem than most people think.  The
 problem as seen by Lotus users is usually not to reconcile
 differences between versions, they tell me; the problem is just to
 know about them and understand them.  That is what I long suspected.)

2)  However, the GENERAL version management problem requires
 tracking and being able to undo every change, even in the version tree.
 This is what we're trying to do in the OSMIC project.

Best, Ted

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>Hello Xanadu "Family",
>as there are some people on that list who are very much concerned about
>authorship matters, i would like to ask what your proposal would be to
>cope with version management. Imagine that during a day two people are
>working on a document. They sit in Europe and the US and have a nine
>hour time difference. They do several changes to an original document.
>Would you like to include these changes at all?
>Would you like to add the time the changes where made, or just the date
>(in the above case it would then be hard to trace the changes!)
>I know, this is not a transclusion matter, but a version management
>matter, so you don´t have to tell me this in a reply :-) I am just
>curious what you think about this, and what your ideas on that are ...
>Best wishes
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