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A Xanadu first -- or almost?


Ted has a picture of himself -- neat and interesting picture, too -- up on
his web page at:


together with instructions on how to create a transclusion to it with its
transcopyright emblem on one's own website (I hope I'm getting the "from"
and "to" terminology right).  In any case, I put a transclusion to / from
Ted's picture up on my "Coleridge's Glass Bead Game: Ted Nelson's Xanadu"
page at my HipBone Games site:


which contains the text of the original post I sent this list re Livinston
Lowes' book and the hypertextual nature of Coleridge's mind (to be updated
when the next version of the FAQ goes out).  And then I did a quick web
search by Metacrawler, Hotbot, AtlaVista, and Lycos for the image-name,
<Ted.nobg.gif>, which only revealed Ted's own page with the image, back at:


-- so it seems possible that my page is the first to have an actual
transclusion with transcopyright emblem from an outside site on the web...

As I told Ted in a private note, I'm not really sure this is the first --
but there must be only a few of them, it seems to me, if none of them
except his own originating page show up on the search engines, and Ted
himself didn't seem to know of anyone else who had done it.

How about it?  Does anyone else have an outside website with a transclusion
on it?  It's a simple way to demonstrate the Xanadu idea in action, the
image loads really fast, and it would be neat to see some more
Xanadu-related sites taking advantage of Ted's offer...

Best to all,

Charles Cameron <hipbone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
hipbone games: http://idt.net/~davehuge/
mirror site: http://home.earthlink.net/~hipbone/