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Re: A Xanadu first -- or almost?

Charles Cameron wrote:
> -- so it seems possible that my page is the first to have an actual
> transclusion with transcopyright emblem from an outside site on the web...
> As I told Ted in a private note, I'm not really sure this is the first --
> but there must be only a few of them, it seems to me, if none of them
> except his own originating page show up on the search engines, and Ted
> himself didn't seem to know of anyone else who had done it.

Actually, Steve Ditlea's New York Times article "'Transcopyright': a
Shareware-Style Web Use Doctrine" (see the latest Xanadu Bibliography at
http://xanadu.com.au/xanadu/bibliography.html) was probably the first
transpublication, but since it is restricted to account holders yours
may still be the first publically accessible transpublication.

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