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Re: I desired the function "Version"

Roman Suzuki wrote:
> At that time, In front of editor,
>  I thought
>  "How useful it is. If I can find the letters
>  that was added one week ago to source code."
> (for example: Editor shows letters that was
>  written in the specific term in red.)
> After that, I started planning to make original Editor
>  that has following two features.
> 1. Every letters have own birthday.
> 2. I can restore any deleted letters.
> At first it looked easy. But thinking behavior of the
>  Editormade me throw into confusion.(But I'm continuing thinking.)
> If someone knows similar freeware, tell me that please.

This is exactly what we hope to achieve with Xanadu versioning.
There are a vast number of "revision control systems", "source code
control systems" and "document management systems" available which
allow you to register the state of your documents at a given moment
and then revert to any saved state, find the differences between
saved states, and so forth.  However I am not presently aware of any
text editing software which supports the Xanadu approach, which has
always been to capture every edit operation in the editor itself.

Perhaps it is because the size of the edit information may outgrow the
size of the text document, whereas this approach has traditionally been
used by the video, audio (online editing software, "edit decision lists")
and image (for example, "Live Picture") editing communities where the
size of the media being edited dwarfs the size of the edit information.
However, I believe the additional facilities provided by this approach
outweigh the costs of the small amount of additional storage required.

If you do write such an editor, please let us know!

Share and enjoy,
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