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I desired the function "Version"

A few month ago, I desired the function "Version".
I added some functions to the program as my business.
To do so, I have to make many changes to the
 source-code per one function.
In that job, I faced the work that was very similar
 to the work that I did 1 week ago.

At that time, In front of editor,
 I thought
 "How useful it is. If I can find the letters
 that was added one week ago to source code."
(for example: Editor shows letters that was
 written in the specific term in red.)

After that, I started planning to make original Editor
 that has following two features.
1. Every letters have own birthday.
2. I can restore any deleted letters.

At first it looked easy. But thinking behavior of the
 Editormade me throw into confusion.(But I'm continuing thinking.)

If someone knows similar freeware, tell me that please.

鈴木 呂万 / Suzuki Roman