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I've just been invited to attend a seminar at Monash University here in
Melbourne on May 17th on monetary systems.  While researching e-cash systems
I found that most are designed to handle transactions no smaller than a few
cents.  I have only found two systems that have been proposed to handle
micropayments: Eric Dean Tribble and Marc S. Miller (familiar names!) of
Agorics, Inc. at http://www.agorics.com/~agorics have proposed a system
called "Digital Silk Road" which would have packet charges embedded into
the network infrastructure itself, and far more usefully from the Xanadu
perspective, Mark S. Manasse of Digital at
http://www.research.digital.com/SRC/millicent/ has proposed a brilliant
system involving vendors issuing their own scrip, very similar to the
LETS-inspired ideas I myself was working on.  Digital have also proposed
extensions to HTTP to support payments via Millicent and other systems.

Share and enjoy,
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