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Re: job opportunity/pls forward as appropriate

On Sat, 27 Apr 1996 ewinters@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>  _________________________________________________
>   Instructional Designer/SF Bay Area - California, USA
>   _approximately 6 months/June to November_
>   (no relocation funds available)
>   The Job:  Lead a team of three or four (including interns) to
>   develop an interactive CD-ROM game/simulation that will also
>   have an internet component.

I fail to see what this has to do with Xanadu.  This (IMHO) belongs
in the newsgroup misc.jobs.offered.  (Most other newsgroups are not
appropriate for job postings -- even though some idiots continue to
post them and frustrate everyone.)

Anyways, I am at a loss to see how this relates to Xanadu and because
of that I really don't appreciate articles such as this being spammed
to my personal mailbox.


BTW: If I am mistaken and this _does_ have something to do with Xanadu, 
let me know. :)