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Re: Early protoype SilverStands?? (was Re: Information Technology)

> > Early protoype SilverStands?
>   If so, then most of CyberCafes' of which there must be several
>   hundred or more around the world, must be considered eligible for 
>   the title as well.

Interestingly, there have been as many as half a dozen Cybercafes in
Melbourne alone, more than in most cities (London only has two, and
Boston one - though Cybersmith in Boston is one of the largest).

Yes, I guess they fall into the same category.  But it interested me
that newsagencies are starting to see this as their future as an
industry, because their primary business is to provide access to
information for the public.  While that is also a goal of most
Cybercafes, it seems to me that their primary purpose is more about
introducing people to the technology.

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