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Re: Early protoype SilverStands?? (was Re: Information Technology)

> Early protoype SilverStands?

> http://www.theage.com.au/infotech/news.htm

  If so, then most of CyberCafes' of which there must be several
  hundred or more around the world, must be considered eligible for 
  the title as well.  The one I occassionally pass by in Stockholm,
  Sweden, the Aswellas @cafe


  seems to be doing quite a business demoing the Web, capabilities
  of e-mail and the complexity of operating a mouse in pre-booked 
  sessions to companies...  holding courses, too, 'cause --as we 
  all know-- any, even the most basic, knowledge, unless bought with
  (lotsa) money, ain't worth a shit. Ergo their sample charge for
  basic usage, Web-browsing, is US$6 for the first 1/2 hour; US$4
  for the subsequent ones etc.