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Re: What should hyperlinks do? What attributes should they have?

In article <Do6BHn.DtD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> pollarda@xxxxxxxxxx (Art Pollard) writes:
>From: pollarda@xxxxxxxxxx (Art Pollard)
>Subject: What should hyperlinks do?  What attributes should they have?
>Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 21:24:59 GMT

>I've been giving a fair amount of thought lately to allowing hyperlinks 
>to have attributes.  This of course, also implies that they have the 
>ability to do other things besides "link".  

>What other attributes and actions might/should links posess? I envision
>that links should have a fair amount of structural information to them
>(much in the same way a document would). 

In my doctoral thesis I researched the selection behaviour of hyperlinks by 
WWW readers and whether this behaviour could be influenced by adding 
additional information (about the topic/size of the information) to the 
hyperlinks. The results show that the selection DECREASES by adding additional
size information and is not influenced by adding topic information. The thesis 
is only in Dutch (sorry!) but an English summary can be found at URL:

Ruud van Meer

Ruud van meer