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"Definition of media

> From avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Tue Mar  5 08:38:27 1996
> Subject: "Re: Definition of Xanadu (fwd) 
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> From: katherine@xxxxxxxxxxx (Katherine Cochrane)
> Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 09:05:43 -0600
> I wasn't very clear in my original statement.  Maybe this will better
> convey my intent.  In my lexicon media is the wires, CDs, computer screens
> -- the mechanical things that enable us to move information.  Content is
> the information itself, in whatever form it can be.  Xanadu is a system for
> managing changes, re-use, intercomparison and ownership of connected ...
> information in digital form?  This digital information can consist of
> content and links between elements of content, and tracking and controlling
> meta-information such as ownership records and change files, and other
> attributes.  Somehow, though, I don't think you mean to include the
> mechanical devices used to transmit or store or retrieve this information,
> do you?  I have a feeling I'd better go back and read some more recent
> discussions of the system before I really get in trouble here.


It's all connected.

To me, "media" are books, magazines, letters, movies,
 recordings, speeches, cooking-- TEMPLATES FOR INFORMATION
 PACKAGES.  I believe this is McLuhan's usage, which came
 (I think) out of the advertising industry.

Information packages have creators and points of view.

The design of these templates-- for example, HDTV or email--
 is crucial and complex.

PHYSICAL or perhaps BASAL media-- floppies, tape, 35mm film,
 Dolby stereo-- are engineering issues, but they have
 ramifications for media.  (The term LOGICAL media is sometimes
 used for the conceptual structure of physical media, such as
 hierarchical directories, which I despise.)

And contents are what you put on or in the physical media, 
 creating WORKS IN MEDIA.  Which have VERSIONS.  
(Within the Xanadu tradition. Works are also called DOCUMENTS.)

So probably I do mean contents, but the others are all
 very much involved.