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RE: "xurl?

xu: as a schema was proposed as a level of implementation to extend 
current web browsers to add support for universal edition identifiers (UEI).

UEI are differentiated from URLS in that they locate a piece of 
information in both space and time.  a desire to provide smooth migration 
of the existing web base to a xanadu compliant information base suggests 
that a UEI should beable to encode essentially a URL, a time, a CRC 
validator and a range within the edition.

implemented in this fashion, xanadu compliant servers could register 
existing documents from the web as an edition to be propogated within the 
xanadu server net.  registered editions now benefit from being able to be 
served from the most appropriate node on the net on a per transclusion basis.

indeed, the xu: mechanism provides a means for both the client and the 
server to identify transclusions as a distinct transaction to be handled 
accordingly, without having to double up mime types or dedicate specific 
ip addresses or servers to xanadu compliant servers.

my 10 sense,

Samuel Latt Epstein
SenseMedia Netcasting