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RE: "xurl?

I agree, particularly since a transcluded item is not only a place (as an
http://... denotes a place) but also a time. 

When I transclude a piece of material, I mean a specific version of a
document. The original author may be allowed to annotate that piece to
say he's changed his mind, but he shouldn't be able to remove that
piece, or modify it so it says the opposite of what it used to say.

HTTPs typically point to an entire file. XURLs will need to point to a
file, but also a range within that file, and a particular version of
that file.

By the way, I am coming in late to the discussion, so please refer me
to the FAQ if this has been handled before, but what is to stop someone
from transcopyrighting A B C D E F G H I G K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X
Y Z and demanding that their transcopyright be respected (i.e., all
usage requires micropayments to the transcopyrightor)  Or for that
matter, the bits 0 and 1?

This may seem like idle nonsense, but it raises the questions of "What
are the limits of transcopyright?", and "Are all bits equally

I know the man who trademarked "Copyright".