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Re: New subscribers

>It seems we have had quite a few new subscribers to the Xanadu mailing
>lists over the last month or so.  Perhaps I could ask you all to tell us
>where you heard about Xanadu and what interests you about it?

I work as a Web developer for vivid studios, a company that until recently
was primarily in the business of CD-ROM development but is increasingly
involved in online (especially WWW) development.

I'd like to learn as much as I can about implementations of the original
Xanadu design goals, since I see those as the fountainhead of what I'm now
making my living doing, and I perceive the need for many of the Xanadu
features that have never been implemented in the Web as it currently

I'd like to learn more about what's already been designed and implemented
of the Xanadu feature set, and I'd like to keep informed as people graft
these features onto the Web using evolving modular technologies. I might
have opportunity to sell some of vivid's clients on some of these
technologies if we find a close match between our client's needs and one of
the new technologies.

I also share a lot of the other traditional interests of the Xanadu
community, such as nanotechnology, future-oriented thinking, etc.

Eric Watt Forste                                             vivid studios
http://www.vivid.com/                           CD-ROM & Online Innovators