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Aims and objectives

Xanadu Australia aims and objectives

Written by Andrew Pam 7 February 1994

* To promote the Xanadu ideals to software developers, computer
  users and the general public.

* To perform continuing research and development into Xanalogical
  storage and services.

* To develop and provide Xanadu server software to organisations who
  wish to run a server, either for their own internal use or for
  service to the general public.

* To develop and encourage third-party development of Xanadu client

* To promote the general availability and wide use of the Xanadu system.

* To practice and encourage a co-operative non-hierarchical network
  model of business.

Andrew Pam                                      avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Manager, Serious Cybernetics                    avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Coordinator, Xanadu Australia                   <http://www.aus.xanadu.com/>
P.O. Box 409, Canterbury VIC 3126 Australia     gopher gopher.aus.xanadu.com