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>Does anyone on this list have any questions about Xanadu, or any suggestions
>on how to support and promote the ideals?  Would anyone like me to repost our
>aims and objectives to kick off some discussion?
>Share and enjoy,
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>Andrew Pam                                      avatar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>Coordinator, Xanadu Australia                   <http://www.aus.xanadu.com/>
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        Yes, I'd think a repost might get things going.  I haven't heard
diddly about Ted's World since Edition 87.1 of Literary Machines.
        The Net offers much of the expensive hardware and system support
required.  I doubt the world's a micron closer to accepting the forward
stride in intellectual property matters at the heart of that old Xanadu.
        "It's by-god socialized thought I tell you!" would have been the
common man's reaction back then.  I think things have fallen back far
enough today that that same comment would be heard from the world's
'leading' 'think' tanks.

        How's about a test area offering a communal creation or two?