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Crash when tryying to run Udanax Green


I'm trying to get Green running on FreeBSD 6.0 to get a real feel for Ted's ideas about hypertext.

I have successfully compiled the back end and have installed Python 2.4 with the Tk interface (I assume this is all I need, am I missing something?).

The Edit window appears briefly on my X Display but then immediately disappears. I tried starting the back end manually as well as letting pyxi attempt to start it.

I get the following stack trace from Python when running pyxi:

# ./pyxi
Pyxi (Python Udanax Interface) v.3
Copyright 1999 by Ka-Ping Yee.  All rights reserved.
This program and the Udanax Green hypertext server are part of the
Udanax project.  Please see http://www.udanax.com/ for details.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./pyxi", line 1458, in ?
  File "./pyxi", line 1051, in goto
    self.loaddoc(spec, editable)
  File "./pyxi", line 1100, in loaddoc
    self.opendoc(docid, editable)
  File "./pyxi", line 1107, in opendoc
    docid = self.xs.open_document(docid, mode, x88.CONFLICT_COPY)
File "/usr/local/src/udanax-1999-09-29/pyxi/x88.py", line 676, in open_document
    self.xc.command(35, docid, access, copy)
  File "/usr/local/src/udanax-1999-09-29/pyxi/x88.py", line 641, in command
    response = self.Number()
  File "/usr/local/src/udanax-1999-09-29/pyxi/x88.py", line 612, in Number
    def Number(self): return Number_read(self.stream)
File "/usr/local/src/udanax-1999-09-29/pyxi/x88.py", line 55, in Number_read
    chunk = stream.readchunk()
File "/usr/local/src/udanax-1999-09-29/pyxi/x88.py", line 829, in readchunk
    if ch == "?": raise XuError, "error response from back-end"
UdanaxError: error response from back-end

It looks like the back end is dumping core, which may be causing pyxi to get a reply of "?" from the back end. Here's gdb back trace showing where the crash occured:

# gdb ./backend -c backend.core
Core was generated by `backend'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x0805da23 in tumblereq (a=0xbfbfebd0, b=0x193a51) at tumble.c:29
29                      if(*aptr++ != *bptr++)
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0805da23 in tumblereq (a=0xbfbfebd0, b=0x193a51) at tumble.c:29
#1 0x08048a26 in checkforopen (tp=0xbfbfebd0, type=1, connection=0) at bert.c:68 #2 0x08052533 in findorgl (taskptr=0xbfbfece0, granfptr=0x8d8680c, isaptr=0xbfbfebd0, orglptr=0xbfbfeba4, type=1)
    at granf1.c:27
#3 0x0804fb14 in doretrievedocvspanset (taskptr=0xbfbfece0, docisaptr=0xbfbfebd0, vspansetptr=0xbfbfebcc) at do1.c:405
#4  0x08050fc8 in retrievedocvspanset (taskptr=0xbfbfece0) at fns.c:141
#5  0x08060977 in xanadu (taskptr=0xbfbfece0) at be.c:96
#6  0x080608f4 in main () at be.c:79