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Re: Crash when trying to run Udanax Green


Looked at tumble.c and reverted the code to this:

/* ---------------- Routines to test tumblers -------------- */

tumblereq (a,b)
  tumbler *a,*b;
  register char *aptr = (char *) a; /*char * for cheating in compare loop*/
  register char *bptr = (char *) b;
  register INT i;
       return (tumblercmp (aptr, bptr) == EQUAL);// old safe & slow//
/* could speed up by doing comparison directly or stealing from abscmp
        i = (int)aptr+sizeof(tumbler);
        for (;((int)aptr)<i;){
                if(*aptr++ != *bptr++)
        return (TRUE);

Now I get:

# gdb ./backend -c ./backend.core
Core was generated by `backend'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0  0x0805dae3 in tumblercmp (aptr=0xbfbfebd0, bptr=0x193a51) at tumble.c:61
61                      if (iszerotumbler(bptr))
(gdb) bt
#0  0x0805dae3 in tumblercmp (aptr=0xbfbfebd0, bptr=0x193a51) at tumble.c:61
#1  0x0805da13 in tumblereq (a=0xbfbfebd0, b=0x193a51) at tumble.c:25
#2 0x08048a26 in checkforopen (tp=0xbfbfebd0, type=1, connection=0) at bert.c:68 #3 0x08052533 in findorgl (taskptr=0xbfbfece0, granfptr=0x8d867f4, isaptr=0xbfbfebd0, orglptr=0xbfbfeba4, type=1)
    at granf1.c:27
#4 0x0804fb14 in doretrievedocvspanset (taskptr=0xbfbfece0, docisaptr=0xbfbfebd0, vspansetptr=0xbfbfebcc)
    at do1.c:405
#5  0x08050fc8 in retrievedocvspanset (taskptr=0xbfbfece0) at fns.c:141
#6  0x0806095f in xanadu (taskptr=0xbfbfece0) at be.c:96
#7  0x080608dc in main () at be.c:79