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Re: Sunless-Sea page on EnfiladeTheory

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 12:36:18PM +1100, Andrew Pam wrote:
> >    Several points;
> >    There is an algorithm published in DrDobbs that is equivalent to
> >    Model T, does anyone have a reference, it was many years ago and I've
> >    lost it.
> http://www.xanadu.com.au/mail/xanadu/msg00004.html

Pulling out my copy of that issue, the full details are:

"K-Tree Container Data Structures" by Rodney Bates, pp. 26-34 of
Dr. Dobbs September 1994 "Data Structures and File Formats" issue.

Rodney Bates is an engineer with Boeing aircraft.
A recent email address appears to be rod.bates@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

See also:


Hope that helps,
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