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Re: current state of green on windows

roger gregory wrote:
> I've got Green compiling on windows under the current cygwin compiler.

FYI, I'm deep into the process of cleaning up the Green sources, adding
ANSI C constructs, cranking up warning levels and fixing compiler
and such.  I am then going to restructure the source, regrouping
from the functional arrangement they are now, to a more object-oriented
layout.  This way people can extract just the parts they want -- such as
the crum subsystem, or an enfilade class object.  I'm also adding
interfaces btw the FEBE protocol, the indexing/linking engine, and the
backend storage management, so that any can be swapped out with new
designs (e.g. integrating the Ent from Gold or using Freenet for the
backend storage) or recycled into new projects.

I will be packaging the results as Red Hat Linux RPMs as well as your
basic tarball, hopefully within next week for the first pass.  There
will be a 'backend' RPM and several 'frontend' RPMs.

> However I'm having problems with pyxi, the line x88.py:899 ( in my version ) is
> os.mkfifo(self.fifo)
> which is a unix only thing.  I could dig up the old way to do it, like we did in the
> released c frontend, but I'm more profitably  engaged in digging up documentation.

Just wait a bit -- I'm fixing/packaging pyxi to run via the more
available TCP stream to a remote server, instead of spawning the backend
communicating via a pipe.

> I've got Gold documentation of about 5 Mb, I'll be putting on the web as  soon as
> I clean it up (from Frame ca 1992 Mac via Tops mount, if you know how to convert
> it contact me).  I can send the tarball if you want it before then.

Send me the tarball -- 5 MB is no problem for my inbox and I will make
use of it.

> I've also got about 5 Mb of mail tarball archive, that I need to scan for actionable
> stuff before I can post it.
> I'm pushing on Dean Tribble to check on Parc Place smalltalk status, so I can publish all
> the Gold stuff.  I have a source of Sun IPX machines at $39.95 +tax with 64M ram and
> ~300M disk no keyboard, mouse or screen, that will run Sunos4.1.4 and the ParcPlace
> Smalltalk.  Contact me, if you want to get a copy of the entire thing, we have a limited
> number of licenses and can justify a few copies till we get clearance to give
> ParcPlace Smalltalk 2.4    away (yes I know ParcPlace got sold but, till I know that
> the rights are pd, I can't publish it).

Sounds good, but for my needs I'm not looking to run SmallTalk but to
extract the
interesting portions of Gold such as the Ent and back-fit them into
Green.  I'm
learning SmallTalk syntax right now, and dissecting Gold.

-Jeff Rush