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current state of green on windows

I've got Green compiling on windows under the current cygwin compiler.

However I'm having problems with pyxi, the line x88.py:899 ( in my version ) is
which is a unix only thing.  I could dig up the old way to do it, like we did in the
released c frontend, but I'm more profitably  engaged in digging up documentation.

I've got Gold documentation of about 5 Mb, I'll be putting on the web as  soon as
I clean it up (from Frame ca 1992 Mac via Tops mount, if you know how to convert
it contact me).  I can send the tarball if you want it before then.

I've also got about 5 Mb of mail tarball archive, that I need to scan for actionable
stuff before I can post it.

I'm pushing on Dean Tribble to check on Parc Place smalltalk status, so I can publish all
the Gold stuff.  I have a source of Sun IPX machines at $39.95 +tax with 64M ram and
~300M disk no keyboard, mouse or screen, that will run Sunos4.1.4 and the ParcPlace
Smalltalk.  Contact me, if you want to get a copy of the entire thing, we have a limited
number of licenses and can justify a few copies till we get clearance to give
ParcPlace Smalltalk 2.4    away (yes I know ParcPlace got sold but, till I know that
the rights are pd, I can't publish it).

 Roger Gregory
 541a Presidio Blvd
 The Presidio
 San Francisco ca 94129

 415 292-6071

the software but not the name!