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server/febe object code

When the server and febe object code is delivered to us for Montage, 
I would like to get two versions: one compiled with -g and one with
no -g.  We don't need -pg since our profiling will be very different.

This should make it possible for us to speed up dbx startup time
(actually, make it possible) and could have some impact on the 
use of ld -r (which does not work due to static tables sizes in ld).
It looks like xpp and xlatexpp stuff is also linked into montage,
but I am not sure what this stuff does (it looks like xpp, but 
why would that be linked into montage?).  If the next version 
of the backend is networked, things will get speeded up significantly
for us anyway, but the febe code could still be delivered in -g and 
non-g forms.