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ParcPlace solves pricing dilemma

In looking through the ParcNotices newsletter that everyone told me had
nothing interesting in it, I found that parc has solved the pricing
problem that has had us confused about which Smalltalk hardware platforms 
to use.  I will quote the section, since ParcPlace marketing is inimitable

Given the instand protability that
Objectworks provides (as you know
Objectworks is an equal opportunity
development system) plus the diminishing
differentation between " workstations" and
"personal computers,: is increasingly difficult 
to justify the price difference between UNIX
workstation versions of Objectworks and
personal computer versions.  Therfore, we will
be pricing all platforms the same.

Effective October 1, the price of Objectworks
for Smalltalk-80 version 2.5 and
Objectworks\Dmalltalk, Release 4 will be $3500
(U.S. AND CANADA), on all platforms.  Educational
prices will be $350 (U.S. aznd Canada), regardless 
of platform.  Call your sales representitave for 
more information.


Brilliant strategy, what?