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Re: Something to do While Waiting for Compiles

> From: vlad!mark (Mark S. Miller)
> I'd love for us to "just fix the classes and be done with it", which
> is why I created the tools--the best way to encourage people to clean
> this up.

And very good tools they are, too.  Without them, the time gain wouldn't
be so great, or so clearly present.

> However, I don't have the time to do this myself.  Do you?
> I suspect everyone else is in the same dilemma.  I think we need to
> retire this kludge for sure before first developer release.  Other
> than that, although it's important, it isn't nearly as important as
> the other things people are working on.  Hence the title of these mail
> messages.

It isn't a matter of not having the time to do it.  It is a matter of
not having the time to not do it.  I consider this sufficiently important
that, though my line may have the reddest boxes on the current PERT, and
though it would probably take me longer than those more familiar with
smalltalk, if no one else does it I will TAKE the time to do it myself.

I'm already taking time from SnarfXcvrs, tax preparation, and stirring
the meat for the pasta sauce to answer this letter.

The logical time to do it is after the next merge.  So:  Mr Hill:
When you've got the next Smalltalk merge (after Wed the 15th, that is)
finised, but before you release it, please give me a call.

For you smalltalkers:  If you don't want my thumbs all over your code,
you might think about fixing it before the next merge.  B-)

	thank you