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Weekly Planning Meeting, 8/29

Highlights 8/29:

The big congratulations this past week go to joel, for his 
marketing plan's successful passage through the Xanadu 
team's debating society analysis. Congratulations also go to
michael, for completing urdi-style writing, and to roger,
who has compositors in C++.

Condolences go to Bob Perez, who has foolishly accepted our
employment offer. He will start this coming Tuesday as 
our developer support team (he has about 5 people's worth of
work to do, so he needs to be a team!).

The award for Most Gleeful PERT Estimator goes to Ravi. At 
least, I HOPE he gets the award for most gleeful. When we
first composed his part of the PERT (for the PC frontend),
we determined the PC FE would be ready in March...1991. We 
backed that out to December 90 fairly rapidly (though we lost
some important features--joel, we need to talk about these).
The really good news is that since then ravi completed one
of the 20-day tasks on his line in half a day. So now he's
moved up to November through improved productivity.

Well done, ravi,
and keep it up (please! :-). We will do another rendition of
his estimates after he's gotten his feet wet, to see if we
can get any less gleeful. Meanwhile, there's a couple of 
necessary tasks on his list that I now realize are also 
necessary for hugh...hugh, thee and me need to discuss

Ravi, talk to Nat about a Windows interface from 2.0. 
Hugh, markm, discuss inclusion lists in the 
backend. Hill, markm, michael, meet to merge stuff
Thursday. Roger, markm, discuss 
88.1 libraries. Ravi, roger, discuss common 
view. Marcs,hugh,ravi,roger, dean discuss the representation
of berts for users. Markm, joel discuss keykos factories
(next week). Markm, joel, marcs, comparison of object
oriented databases and xanadu (next week). Frontend people,
Wednesday, discuss what code can be shared at 2PM.
MIchael, marcs, discuss PERT.

The big meeting change is that this coming week we'll 
hold the weekly planning meeting on Wednesday, not Tuesday.

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.     dean

x    8/29/89     shields and blasts in smalltalk
x    8/29/89     rework iterators
     9/06/89     send markm tables stuff
     9/06/89     bombs in smalltalk
     9/06/89     sensor canopy
     9/06/89     overloading in smalltalk
     9/06/89     translate enclosures
     9/15/89     specify ent test tools
     9/15/89     partial orgls

B.      hill

x    8/29/89     figure out next steps for weekly list
x    8/29/89     reinstall bomb package 
x    8/29/89     plugged more memory leaks
     9/06/89     merge with markm
     9/06/89     change formic, no recipe for deferred copy
     9/06/89     implement asTupleNoDuplicates
     9/15/89     replace tuples with iterators
     9/15/89     replace regions with enclosures
     9/29/89     grandmap

C.       hugh

x    8/29/89     figure out tree ordered coord spaces
x    8/29/89     prototype tree ordered stuff
     9/05/89     waldo for inclusion lists
     9/12/89     port X++ and Doc & links to Mac
     9/05/89     integrate FE with Alpha

D.       markm

x    8/29/89     eliminated databerts
     9/06/89     finish testing doc & links
     9/06/89     fix link oriented backfollow
     9/15/89     implement follow
     9/15/89     garbage collect orgls & berts

E.       marcs

x    8/29/89     capture greg lutz presentations to microcassette
x    8/29/89     update PERT for Ravi's tasks
x    8/29/89     kibbitz joel on autofact
     9/06/89     report on thoughts on inclusion lists as links vs vcopies
     9/06/89     start prep for budget review
     9/06/89     list known items to go on bob perez plate
     9/12/89     complete part 2 of the doc & link layer documentation
     9/15/89     beat sun about catalyst
     9/16/89     rough draft of AMIX/Xanadu frontend comparison
     9/16/89     smalltalk licenses
     9/16/89     understand current budget status very well
     9/21/89     rough draft AMIX/Xanadu integration plan
     9/21/89     start second round of patenting work
     9/27/89     racetrack

F.       michael

x    8/29/89     urdi-style writing
     9/05/89     URDI complete for sun 4

G.       ravi

x    8/29/89     got microsoft online working
     9/06/89     study TCP issues
x    8/29/89     Excel style subwindows in common view
     9/06/89     assess using 2.0
     9/15/89     stubble interface

G.       roger

x    8/29/89     compositors under C++ with open view except iterators
x    8/29/89     move to 2.0
     9/05/89     scrolling windows under C++
     9/05/89     variable fonts with nonoptimal redisplay
     9/05/89     textedit working
     9/12/89     link editing
     9/19/89     link lists with simple documents in alpha

H.       roland

x    8/29/89     new formic 
x    8/29/89     supporterich gullichsen
     9/06/89     run prealpha through xlint
     9/05/89     warning when class has destructor w/o constructor
     9/05/89     whole first-generation xlint operational
     9/05/89     deal with multifile xlint
     9/05/89     optimize xlint
     9/05/89     automatic documenter
     9/05/89     concurrency/exceptions in stubble
     9/12/89     write morphic for parameterized checking of "ofs"

I.       Bill

     8/22/89     fix whole backup system
     9/06/89     fix fester for roland: remove from yellow pages?

J.       Lars

     9/06/89     summarize the art of negotiation

K.       Joel

x    8/29/89     get bob on board
x    8/29/89     summary of marketing plan for board
x    8/29/89     present marketing plan to Xanadu and survive
     9/06/89     put bob perez on the pert chart
     9/15/89     graphics designer for new brochure
     9/30/89     new brochure (?)
     9/15/89     networld in dallas
     9/15/89     plan for autofact
     9/15/89     agenda for lizzy
     9/30/89     learnt client vsserver vs xanadu

L.       Deferred Meetings:

     joel, marcs, discuss terminology in X++ for developer release 
(particularly necromancers and relate dtools)

M.       Unassigned

     integrating ent is a nasty problem
     tell stroustrup about bombs in 2.0
     How well will canopy rebalancing perform?
     Hire Developer Support Person
     Document X++
     Tumblers as subclass of partiallyOrdered
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     test scaffolding, code exercisers
     rollin, rollout a la Univac
     subaccounts, permissions on FE
     sys admin, i.e., archiving and partitioning disks
     programmer's example