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Greg Tuesday

Greg Lutz has confirmed that he will be down on Tuesday, I presume
at canonical 3:30. I'm not sure what topics are appropriate;
perhaps just a round table discussion of progress among frontend
people, Greg and Hugh and Roger and Ravi (and Greg), to stimulate
Greg to think of questions he needs to ask? Hugh, can I stick you
with being the one to put some small organization on the meeting
so that it does tend to focus on frontend issues (particularly
on issues that Greg and Roger need to address in the next 6 weeks)?

Do we need markm or dean at this meeting? 

Joel, if Bob Perez needs a break from PERT chart thinking about 
that time of day, it might be interesting for him to listen in--
though he will be terribly out of context, and I don't want to
spend Greg's time down here spinning Bob up. I suspect that, though
my knowledge of the software is worse than any of the real programmers,
I should probably give Bob his first intro to XanaSpeak and concepts
(me, the documentation I have made from the videos, and the remaining
videos, that is, should give him his intro). Anyway, joel, we can
discuss bob's education more Wednesday.