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version compare and partial orgls

Date: Sat, 2 Sep 89 19:46:46 PDT
   From: tribble (Eric Dean Tribble)

      i.e., one tells it more about what points to it, and the other tells
      it more about what it points to.  (An interesting distinction in a
      doubly-linked structure.  If you turn the Ent upside-down, does
      inform become unify and vice-versa?)

   I agree.

You do?  Then I don't get it.  How is a data-inform the algorithmic
upside-down of the other?

      Does it make sense to EVER freeze a DataStamp?  If someone can make
      a virtual copy, why can't they make a real copy, then unify it?
      What am I missing?

   I agree.  Your copy example is real cute.

I now agree that it doesn't make sense to freeze a DataStamp.
However, I don't see that the actual copy example bears on the issue--
An actual copy would be a copy of just the bits.  Sharing-informing
the actual copy doesn't effect the identity of the original at all.