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backend semantics issues

MarkM and I are both inspired to hold our discussions online.  This
will mean lots more messages if we are successful.  If the deluge is
drowning people (:-) we can create a separate discussion list....

In the process of writing these messages and thinking about these
ideas, I've kept referring to the May semantics document.  I am truly
surprised and pleased at how useful it has been and how complete it
is.  We really did consider and propose solutions to most these

For clarity, please note when any semantics idea or proposal is
different from what is in the May semantics.  MarkM:  please post the
the problems you think exist in the current semantics.

So that ideas and problems don't get dropped on the floor, I propose
that when MarkM and I reply to messages, we include the parts with
content in their entirety.  Otherwise everyone's ideas could get lost
in the shuffle.  This way we all need only notice if the message was
responded to, rather than each idea.

Also, try to make the subject headers correspond to the contents of

Here we go....