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Re: Sun/Mac Interoperation

This does bring up a number of little issues we haven't thought through
	at all (unless someone has been thinking again without telling me! :-)

	1) How do we start a link in a document handled by one application, and
	end the link in another? It seems to me we'll need to be able to share
	the "hanging link handler" as a minimum.

	2) When you traverse in application A to a document that application A does
	not understand, how does A determine which other application to invoke,
	and how does it pass enough info across to the other application so that
	the other application knows what to do with it?

Of course I've thought about these things.

1) if the FE can ask the other application about its selection via the
IPC then the other application need know nothing more about the link
stuff.  The FE asks for the current selection; when the link is made the
FE informs the other application that some of its objects know are part 
of a xanadu link (in acad sends the ID's that are part of the link and
whatever else is needed).

2) The x address probably will have to tell us what external thing it belongs 
to. (right mark?) In the FE for acad, it won't be strictly true that the FE
doesn't understand the address, it can tell that it belongs to acad.
Acad will be up and connected (if not bring it up is simple), the problem
is connecting to a different drawing (due to acad pecurarities). I forgot
what we decided to do about that.