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Re: Sun/Mac Interoperation

Thanks for the thoughts, Marc.  I have some of my own, based as usual on
my embryonic understanding of Xanadu:

	1) How do we start a link in a document handled by one
	   application, and end the link in another?

I don't know, but I don't think it's a Xanadu problem, at least not in
the present instance.  The AutoCAD Frontend (AcadFE) will handle both
types of document.  When a link from some text leads to a CadDoc,
AcadFE will request the pointed-to (pardon the primitive usage)
document's contents from the BE; said contents will consist of
E-addresses, which will be turned into requests to AutoCAD for drawing
elements to be displayed and highlighted.  In the simplest scenario,
the ONLY other application involved is AutoCAD itself.

	2) When you traverse in application A to a document that
	   application A does not understand, how does A determine
	   which other application to invoke, and how does it pass
	   enough info across to the other application so that the
	   other application knows what to do with it?

Same answer, I guess.  Slightly generalized:  if the FE doesn't understand
the document it has run into, it throws up its hands.