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Planning Meeting, 7/4


The big congratulations this week go to hill, hugh, and markm. 
Hill has implemented episode scavenging, a major part of the 
memory reclamation system. As a consequence, the waldo test program 
only chews up 300K of RAM now, whereas it used to chew up 1.5MB.

Hugh has text editing running from the Mac frontend to the backend, 
excluding the paste command. And markm has completed the C++ 
interfaces to the document layer so that roger and hugh can kick 
it around.

Congratulations also go to roger for completing class definitions 
for textedit on the Sun.

Meetings: Dean, hill, discuss constructors for C++. Markm or 
hill needs to discuss merkle hashing with michael. Roger and 
marcs need to discuss hypercard XCMDs. Marcs, michael need a 
followup meeting on the PERT. Dean, michael need a fluid variables 
followup. Markm, talk with robin about backfollow of endorsed 
objects of specified type.

The most important meeting is this coming Sunday, starting about 
11AM, to interview Ravi Pandya as the PC programmer.

Anyway, this week's task list is as follows:

A.     dean

     7/06/89     complete enhanced c++ translator
     7/04/89     figure out splitting in canopy
     7/18/89     orgl operations

B.      hill

x    7/03/89     episode scavenging tested
     7/11/89     session scavenging
     7/11/89     put blast shields everywhere
     7/11/89     prealpha 15
     7/18/89     session-persistent scavenging
     7/18/89     put in destructors for all proxy objects

C.       hugh

x    7/03/89     textedit remote to backend
     7/11/89     fix paste to use vcopy
     7/18/89     flat document viewer

D.       markm

x    6/27/89     adequate berts&orgls for doc&links
x    7/04/89     spec document layer
     7/25/89     doc & links implemented
     8/02/89     merge x++ fixes with hill's

E.       marcs

x    7/04/89     talk with esther dyson
x    7/04/89     discuss marketing with rob
x    7/04/89     continue the ms windows search
x    7/04/89     xanaspeak glossary
     7/18/89     beat sun about catalyst
     7/18/89     beat apollo about para make
     7/18/89     racetrack
     7/18/89     think about bills friend getting exception handling
     7/28/89     rough draft of AMIX/Xanadu frontend comparison
     8/03/89     rough draft AMIX/Xanadu integration plan
     8/14/89     start second round of patenting work

F.       michael

     7/11/89     subdivide tasks for PERT
     7/11/89     URDI complete for sun 4
     7/18/89     teach everyone structured debug

G.       roger

x    7/03/89     class definitions for textedit
     7/11/89     textedit working
     7/11/89     link editing
     7/11/89     comparison working with bogus
     7/18/89     walker FE in C++, version 2, with bogus

H.       roland

     7/11/89     minimal xlint operational
     7/18/89     whole first-generation xlint operational
     7/25/89     automatic documenter
     8/03/89     concurrency/exceptions in stubble
     8/11/89     write morphic for parameterized checking of 

I.       Bill

     7/11/89     hassles sun for 4.0.3
     7/11/89     upgrade telebits

J.       Lars

x    6/15/89     go to europe for 4 weeks

K.       Joel

x    7/04/89     meetings with rob
x    7/04/89     esther dyson
     7/11/89     draft mkt plan

L.       Unassigned

     Tumblers as subclass of partiallyOrdered
     pc frontend
     tutorial for users on the frontend
     reference manual for users on the frontend
     make sure memory reclaimed properly
     test scaffolding, code exercisers
     rollin, rollout a la Univac
     subaccounts, permissions on FE
     sys admin, i.e., archiving and partitioning disks
     do we need object-pascal stubble?
     programmer's example
     encryption stuff (postBeta, maybe post release)
          study stanford key distribution system, licensing
          find single key system we trust
          find encryption hash we trust
          find authentication we trust