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current activities

I am still concentrating on two things (with all the problems that

1) a well structured implementation of general enfilades.  Since I
foolishly embarked on this without a good debugger, I got stuck for
awhile.  I am now moving to Smalltalk.  In addition to an excellent
debugger, Smalltalk is much more similar to C++ than Scheme.

2)  PC frontend.  I am getting up to speed on development tools,
user-interface examples, and other such concerns.  I am currently
leaning towards developing the frontend for Windows.  I just got all
the Windows development stuff and will examine and play with it over
the holidays.  

Related to the latter task is consideration of frontend issues in
general:  representing formatting and styles in Xanadu, interfaces for
structured documents, etc.  I will spend much more time on this once I
know what I'll be building in (and on the long drive down to So.Cal.).