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?apple anyone?

>>From apple!well!sac Mon Dec 26 00:46:45 PST 1988
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>From: sac@xxxxxxxxx (Steve Cisler)
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Subject: Apple Library of Tomorrow
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Date: 22 Nov 88 00:25:21 GMT
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                       ALOT: Apple Library of Tomorrow
                                   Call for Proposals
Apple Computer wants to help librarians develop the library of tomorrow.
How can Apple products help you to function more efficiently and
improve service for those who use your libraries? How can technology
keep the library as the focal point in the communities that you serve?
The corporate library of Apple Computer Inc. is soliciting proposals for
library research projects and experiments in 1989 using Apple
technology.  Projects may involve automation of inter-library loan,
telefacimile, connectivity with other hardware, collaborative work
groups,expert systems,inter-active catalogs, hypertext and hypermedia,
public access computing, electronic publishing, cooperation with
computing centers and data processing departments, research into library
and information policy issues, computer-aided instruction, childrens'
programs, scanning technologies,  telecommunications, or other library
automation. Apple Computer will donate a limited amount of equipment 
for a small number of ALOT projects in the United States and overseas
in 1989 and will solicit proposals for other ALOT sites at a later date.
The proposal should include a description of the project, brief information
about your library or library system, primary contacts(s), and estimated
duration. Please include a tentative list of equipment, software, and
support needed.  Written proposals should not exceed two pages, single 
spaced, using typefaces at least 10 pt. in size. Proposals may be submitted 
electronically as text files and should not exceed 8 Kbytes.
Proposals are due by January 15, 1989. Applicants will be informed about
the initial ALOT sites by February 15, 1989. Those selected will be
expected to maintain electronic communications and share questions and
findings with other participants and participate in the first ALOT
conference to be held at Apple Computer Inc. in Cupertino, California, in
late 1989.Donated equipment will be kept by the participating libraries.
Proposals should be sent to: Apple Library of Tomorrow Proposal, Apple
Library, 10381 Bandley Drive, Mailstop 8C, Cupertino, California
95014. Your E-mail proposal should be sent to any of the following
addresses: Steve Cisler--CompuServe 73240,1016; AppleLink--Cisler1;
BIX--scisler; The WELL--sac; ALANET--ALA0728; OnTyme--
Class.appleme; UUCP--sac@xxxxxxxxxx Dialmail--Monica Ertel.
Telephone: (408) 974-3258 or 974-2552.