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Re: demodisk ascii dumped image

NO->Thanks for the link!
NO->The site is zigzagged, but the missing of the two views changes the
NO->perception completely. Maybe the frames on the browser can reproduce
NO->this 2 views or even multiple views.

... on how to resetup the 
structure, i.e., navigation frame should be the list of dimensions
available, klicking on any, is flippig views. its obivous. *shaeot*

one problem is, that not 'all' dims should be available to public, because
there's also 'internal' and control data in the dataset, but thats 'just
another dim' then.

i ve also played with zizl once, and extended the interface so that you
could do basic navigation and dim flips, but the thng there was with
cursor, the site wouldnt be really mutliuser, because 2 surferÄ's
movements would collide or so.

could look into it again, but i m starting to eye java generally for zz
work. whats on now is just really kwik hack, and more what you would do
with a sql db based system. shoot me.

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