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Re: [zzdev] dimension generation

[15.12.1999 ° 22:34 Uhr] Benjamin Fallenstein -->

-| you should insert a cell negwards on the d.2 DIMENSION from the "d.1"
-| CELL -- that one's found somewhere -d.1wards from your Home cell. The
-| corresponding function must be something like cell_insert().

i get an error -> "No cell d.1."

get_cell_contents(1) returns "d.1"
works,.  whats going on here?

-| or did i get your question wrong?
i want to make a new direction that i can link along.
maybe this code explains what im trying to do (and what goes wrong)


use Zigzag;


$where = cell_new();
cell_set($where,"d.where");  # new direction?

$cell1 = cell_new();cell_set($cell1,"cell_one");

$cell2 = cell_new();cell_set($cell2,"cell_too");


Zigzag::link_make($cell1,$cell2,"d.where"); # Invalid direction d.where.


looking at $where 

contents: d.where
linkz: 8+d.21-d.2
dimension: 0

so its linked to the cursor cell? cursor dimension? hmmm..,.

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